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Sure-Fire Tips on How to Publish a Book—Perfect for Newbie Authors

It’s a common thing for first-time authors to get lost in the maze of self-publishing terrain. Often frustrating and confusing, this journey may lead to a dead-end. And worse, these authors—disappointed and thwarted—toss their manuscript in the trash bin. If you don’t want your manuscript to end up as trash, put it on the shelves. [read more]


Free Online E-Book Maker—Your E-Books All in One Place

Here’s why MyEbookMaker is your new go-to digital hub.   Portable and affordable, e-book publication has been favored among modern authors. By converting content into digital format, you expand your credibility as an author and increase your chance of boosting your sales. However, creating an e-book takes time (and, money). But with this free online [read more]


7 Steps on How to Write an E-Book that Will Build Loyal Readers

In book publishing, e-book formats are the new profitable idea for modern authors. As far as book marketing goes, it’s what they call the “cookie content,” a short yet irresistible content for readers to munch up and enjoy. Content can be in the form of a how-to article, a series of inspirational tips, and general [read more]

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